A n Epic Experience

We have teamed up with our sister company Elite Media Concepts, Jamaica’s best wedding Djs and lighting designers, to offer Dj Services.

Elite Media Concepts specializes providing AMAZING wedding DJ & MC services to the those that care about the success of their wedding.  Our amazing wedding DJ and Emcee services, our state of the art digital DJ systems paired with our AMAZING customer service results  in an amazing reception that will be remembered fondly for years by you and your guests.  We want to create the party of your life for you.

Watch our wedding Djs in action!


Make the room glow in your wedding color palette.

Uplighting is a must for every wedding. Transform the look and feel of any room into something exceptional with uplighting. It easily sets the mood of the entire event by adding dramatic, elegant columns of light. Integrating uplighting and ambient lighting allows you to create a cohesive look by marrying your venue with your wedding colors

Pinspot Lighting

Spotlight special details that make the day memorable.

These lights are a great way to enhance your cake, floral arrangements and centerpieces with lighting to make them really pop. This is an advanced light design that shines tiny light beams from the ceiling in order to perfectly illuminate the center of every arrangement.

Intelligent Lights

Ignite the dance floor with energetic beams and moving patterns.

When the formalities are over and it’s time to party, create an inviting space that adds excitement and keeps your guests dancing all night. Flood the dance floor with vibrant beams and laser effects that move to the beat of the music.

We customize the lighting show for your special day, controlled by an independent computer.


Ignite your entry!

Our couples always request ways to ensure that their entry into the reception is unforgettable. What could be more dramatic than having pyrotechnics going off as you enter!

Our geysers are lights combined with a fog machine that creates the pyrotechnic-like effect. Not to worry – no fire is involved. 🙂


Have your names or initials shining on the floor or walls.

A great backdrop can be made with the use of a monogram design light, as it creates a focal point to the flowers, cake and décor. Let us personalize your special day.

Victorian Lights

Perfect for lighting beach weddings.

Use our victorian lights as your main venue lights. Most beaches and outdoor venues do not have lighting for events. They tend to have directional, harsh lights that blinds your guests. Our elegant Victorian Lights create a soft glow that look great in photo and videos.

Confetti Machine

Add that wow effect!

Perfect for your first dance but also adds energy to the dance floor for the after party.

Dance Floor

Forget the clock and dance the night away.

When the toasts have been given and everyone’s been fed, it’s time to get up and party for the first time as newlyweds! Dance the night away on our dance floor, available in white, or a black and white checkered pattern.

String Lights

Add a touch of whimsy to your day.

Let us create a whimsical effect for your evening with our string lights. Run over your dance floor or guest tables, at night, these little lights will add the perfect magical touch to your special day.